Sitemap - 2023 - Jaybefaunt’s Stream Of Consciousness

2023! The Good... Bad... and WEIRD!

My 2023 Thank YOU

Argentina REVOLTS Against Milei Policies

Kevin Ronca "It felt like I was attacking an Empire"

Wannabe Starting Something... with IRAN

Kevin Ronca Joins, Argentina's Milei Causes National MELTDOWN!

Dr Jill Stein GRAND Canyon State News!

Kit Cabello "I’m DEEP in the YouTube Jail"

In Netanyahu's Own Words: BEFORE October 7th (Rokfin EXCLUSIVE)

Kit Cabello Joins!, Iran Leader Martyred, Dr Jill Stein Campaign Update

Addressing Jimmy Dore... AGAIN

Florida Utilities Political SCANDAL

Yemen said 'Y'all Ain't Going NOWHERE'

Indiscriminate Destruction

Yemen BLOCKS Ships, Florida Utility Company Tied to Political Corruption?!

Major Real Estate Company DROPS Elbit

KRS-One Connects the Dots

Cornel West Clenches First Ballot Access

Mark Regev Defends Unjustifiable Acts

Hasbro DUMPS Over 1000 Workers!

Bernie Sanders "No Permanent Ceasefire"

KRS-One REJECTS Hip-Hop Exploitation, Elbit Systems DROPPED, Indiscriminate Targeting, Dr West News

Sentenced to [REDACTED] by Vote

Sanders Sides with AIPAC?, Mark Regev Justifies 18K Unalived, Big Toy Corporation Lays Off 1000!

KD Lewis "make sure while I'm informing, I am offering viable logical solutions"

Kam Lewis: Activist Passion Meets Purpose!

The Power of Filmmaking: Revealing A MONSTER

Katie Porter and the REgressive Caucus Challenged

Collective Trauma of the Occupation with Professor Zenkus

Lesson for the Left: Be KIND to Others and RUTHLESS to Systems

Reading: Chapter 5 Part 2 of Laziness Does Not Exist

Julianna Margulies Liberal TIRADE

Biden's EARLY Loss

Hilary Agro on Substance Legalization and Capitalism

Chris Coons Quiet Car Crisis

Why Illegal Occupation Happens: Follow the MONEY!

Students TARGETED for Being Palestinian in Vermont

"James... You're about to lose friends..."

Hilary Agro Joins!, Students ATTACKED in Vermont

DeSantis Gets OWNED In His Own State

Dr Stein 2024? The Race Just Got More INTERESTING

We SHOULD NOT Be Going Through This

LIVE Reading: Chapter 20 & 21 and Postscript of Assata an Autobiography

Beginning of Danny's Journey

This SHOULD NOT Be Happening in the US...

How the Western Left CAN Improve!

How Would Danny GOVERN?

The STATE of China's Economic System


Anthony Zenkus Joins!, How Biden ALREADY Lost!

The Occupiers Losing the Narrative

Occupation & Colonialism: How It's All CONNECTED, Aaron Mate Catches COONS

Danny Haiphong Joins!, Jill Stein 2024?!

Reading: Chapter 5 Part 1 of Laziness Does Not Exist

What REAL National Security Should Look Like

UPDATE: How Public Banks Can Help YOU!

How Trump is OWNING DeSantis in Florida!, JB Addresses Friends

Humanitarian CRISIS in Sudan

Keep CONGO in Your Thoughts

Analysis of Occupation, Noah Khrachvik Joins!

Public Bank UPDATE, Nelson Betancourt Joins!

Las Vegas STRIKE! What are Hotel Workers Demands?, Noah Khrachvik Joins!

Florida Man AGAINST Free Speech!

Peter Daou... I'm Sorry

Peter Daou RESIGNS from West Campaign

Daou LEAVES West Campaign?


Pharmacist STRIKE Fast Approaching

Ford THREATENS Workers Who Strike

Alex Miller Speaks on US Journalism

Journalism in the EMPIRE

LIVE! Orlando Rally Against OCCUPATION

Illegal Occupation: How Did We Get Here?

Illegal Settlements Supported by YOUR Representatives

LIVE Reading: Chapter 18 & 19 of Assata an Autobiography

Jewish Voices Speak Out AGAINST Occupation

WAR CRIMES in the Desert

Why Illegal Occupation Should Matter to YOU

Orlando: City of Low Wages

McCarthy KICKED OUT of the Chair

Reading: Chapter 4 Part 3 of Laziness Does Not Exist


How the West Lost its Grip!, Richard Medhurst Joins!

How You're Exploited Even In DEATH!

The Global South RISES as it REJECTS the West, Richard Medhurst Joins!

Frost Flakes on Student DEBT!


The IN Dependent?

NOT-SEES Getting Love in Canada?

Chairman Omali Yeshitela Joins!

Au Revoir to France!

Did Canada NOT-SEE That Coming?

Maui Residents TARGETED

Teen HELD BACK by His Hair?!

Orlando MUTUAL AID Highlights!

Buh-Bye France!

Why Black People Should Pay Attention To The Proxy War In Ukraine

How High Income Earners Are Now Feeling Our PAIN

West African Nations DEFENSIVE Block

Reading: Chapter 16 & 17 of Assata an Autobiography

Larry Sharpe Joins!

Listen Up! Housing ALERT

LISTEN UP! CA Housing Alert!

Matt Gaetz THREATENS Speaker McCarthy!

Holding the Speaker ACCOUNTABLE, Larry Sharpe Joins!

They Laughed at Her Death!

Reading: Chapter 4 Part 2 of Laziness Does Not Exist

Elites Want You to Feel the PAIN!

Indie Left: Behind the Curtain

It's HARDER to Rebuild in Florida! Here's Why

Elites Want To HURT You!

Your Choice STRIPPED Away!

The DNC: You Have NO Choice, Indie Left Joins!

My Thoughts: Jimmy Dore & Dr. West

Holding Police ACCOUNTABLE via Ballot Initiative?

BRICS Making Waves!

Cynthia Brown JOINS!, More Powerful Than the G7?

Black Students SINGLED OUT

Holding Housing HOSTAGE

BERNing Bridges

It's Time to Move Beyond Bernie Sanders

Bernie Sanders Has ABANDONED You! Here's How

RBN Orlando Chapter LAUNCH! (clip)

Rent Control At RISK By SCOTUS (clip)

Rome DTA At Film Festival (clip)

LIVE Reading: Chapter 15 Part 2 of Assata an Autobiography

GREAT NEWS In Orlando! (clip)

Rent Control At RISK, Orlando Chapter Highlights, Rome DTA Popular At Film Festival!, Great News!!

Reading: Chapter 4 Part 1 of Laziness Does Not Exist

DECOLONIZATION of Africa with Margaret Kimberley (clip)

Biden: SAME Song DIFFERENT Dance (clip)

Margaret Kimberley Guest, Africa Says NO To The West, Biden LOSING Ground with Black People

The BAD Internet Bills (clip)

SUSPENDED For Doing Her JOB! (clip)

LEE CAMP In The House (clip)

A MAGIC Donation (clip)

The Kids Want Socialism

Ron Placone Joins: BAD Internet Bills, Political SUSPENSION!

Write Brain Talks REVOLUTIONARY Cinema (clip)

LEE CAMP Guest!, Magic DeSantis DONATION?!, Write Brain Talks CUBA!

Reading: Chapter 15 Part 1 of Assata an Autobiography

LIVE Reading: Chapter 3 Part 2 of Laziness Does Not Exist

Florida Water POISONED (clip)

Africa VICTORIOUS (clip)

Great News: GRINDR UNION?! (clip)

JB Rant: Adversity P*RN (clip)

Delilah Joins Me!, France RUNS AWAY!, Rant: Adversity P*RN, POISONED FL Water?!, Unionizing GRINDR?!

LIVE Reading: Chapter 3 Part 1 of Laziness Does Not Exist

Slavery SANITIZED (clip)

New FEES By Landlords (clip)

LIVE Reading: Chapter 14 of Assata an Autobiography

The Courts DECIMATED (clip)

Israel SELF-INFLICTED Harm, Landlords Can CHARGE Fees?!, Chattel Slavery & SKILLS?

Pushing The FALSE Choice (clip)

Bringing TROUBLE To Haiti's Door (clip)

Reading: Chapter 2 Part 3 of Laziness Does Not Exist

Justice For Derek (clip)

Operation MELTDOWN, BIG TROUBLE in Haiti

Injustice via The State: OKLAHOMA (clip)

Injustice via The STATE

LIVE Reading: Chapter 13 of Assata an Autobiography

Reading: Chapter 2 Part 2 of Laziness Does Not Exist

Akile Anai RETURNS To Jaybefaunt (clip)

Keeping Them UNSTABLE (clip)

Showing His Whole CL(ASS) (clip)

Akile Anai RETURNS, Somalia KEPT Destabilized, Olbermann CUSSED OUT Dr. West?!

Independence Day: Are We REALLY Free?

Affirmative Action STRUCK DOWN (clip)

UPDATE: Corporations Voting Locally (clip)

Willy Bragg On His EVOLUTION & The US Left ISSUES (clip)

What Would WILLY Do? (clip)

BIRTHDAY Q & A!!!!, Affirmative Action OVERTURNED?!

LOCAL Elections Swayed by Corporations? (clip)

Willy Bragg!, Corporations VOTING Locally?

EXCESSIVE Sentence (clip)

Public Banking LOCALLY (clip)

Nelson Betancourt Talks PUBLIC BANKS, Akile Anai RETURNS

Organized BEGINNINGS (clip)

Left Improvements via ORGANIZATION (clip)

Franklin's PRESIDENTIAL Opinions (clip)

LIVE Reading: Chapter 12 Part 2 of Assata an Autobiography

Hawkins TOXIC Take (clip)

Potential Dr West SWITCH UP? (clip)

Kamau Franklin Joins!

Beware of REAL Cancel Culture (clip)

CLASS with Lightfoot? (clip)

Lightfoot Is A PROFESSOR?, Is Howie Hawkins HAWKISH?

Cornel West '24?! (clip)

Cop City Must Be STOPPED! (clip)

Atlanta Citizens PUSH BACK, Dr. West For PRESIDENT?!

What TRIGGERED Chuck? (clip)

"The LOSS Of Resistance" (clip)

Chuck Modiano JOINS!

Give Your Kids A Break!

Algorithm SQUEEZE, Reef Joins!

BRICS Currency: What Does It Mean For Us? (clip)

SLIPPERY SLOPE: Excluding Chinese in Florida (clip)

Currency FIGHT, Chinese EXCLUDED in Florida

Reading: Chapter 12 Part 1 of Assata an Autobiography

Food Delivery Drivers FED UP (clip)

Cold War to HOT WAR? (clip)

A Drivers PLEA, GLENN GREENWALD: Heartbreaking News, Ideological War On CHINA

LIVE Reading: Chapter 2 Part 1 of Laziness Does Not Exist

Behind the Curtain: Foreign POWERS (clip)

RideSHARE Except Profits (clip)

The BATTLE Over Sudan, Uber & Lyft Drivers Had ENOUGH!

Reading: Chapter 11 of Assata an Autobiography

Ideological Evolution (clip)

"The US Should Be MORE Like China"? (clip)

Empire FALLS Multipolar RISES (clip)


Writers BLOCK Hollywood (clip)

Capitalisms HOLD On Hollywood, Last Week's DEVASTATION

Reading: Chapter 1 Part 2 of Laziness Does Not Exist

CAUGHT: Clarence Thomas (clip)

Bolivian President Making BOLD Moves (clip)

Here Comes the BRIBED, Arce Calls for a New OPEC?, Robert Durden Returns!

Zeno Discusses Dutch Elections (clip)

Customer Service and CAPITALISM

PHASE 4 of Write Brain Studios (clip)

Zeno Discusses Dutch Elections, Write Brain Phase 4!

Jesse's Beginnings (clip)

Jesse's Frosted Side and Wheat Side (clip)

Student Workers Push for Unions (clip)

Julia Talks SNAP & Medicaid Cuts, McDonalds Lay Off Hundreds, New Trial Denied

Mutual Aid Idea (clip)

Student Workers Push for Unions, Mutual Aid Idea!

Maximum Fun Cooperative (clip)

Work/Life Balance Demanded (clip)

Egypt Joins the Club (clip)

Co-Op Platform? | Work/Life Balance Demanded! | Egypt Shifts Focus

United for East Palestine

Jesse Jett!

Niko Returns! (clip)

Do You Believe Tucker? (clip)

Meta Employee Dump | Tight Lipped Tucker No More | Niko House Joins

LIVE: Reading Intro & Chapter 1 Part 1 of Laziness Does Not Exist

Bank Crashers (clip)

I Was Going to Cancel!

Worker Power Play (clip)

NO Love For Syria (clip)

WSB Launch | The Sanctions Squad

Reading: Chapter 7 of Assata an Autobiography

Reading: Chapter 6 Part 2 of Assata an Autobiography

She Was Someone's Mama (clip)

Taking Sides With No Mediation (clip)

Ukraine Rally In DC | Tennessee Tragedy

Write Brain Beginnings (clip)

The Left Needs To Be More Welcoming (clip)

Write Brain joins!

LIVE Reading: Chapter 6 Part 1 of Assata an Autobiography

Nursing Students Tricked (clip)

Potential Nurses Got Screwed

Who Is Noah? (clip)

Analysis of the Western Left (clip)

Noah Khrachvik Joins!

Middle Managers Meeting (clip)

Locked Up and Unaware (clip)

Jimmy Dore RETURNS

Clowning War Criminals

Origin Story of Wyatt Reed

Wyatt Reed Joins!

Why Eleven Demands?

Runaway Capitalism

The House is Burning While Krystal Votes (clip)

Due Dissidence Joins!

Reading: Chapter 5 part 3 and Poems of Dirty Truths by Michael Parenti

Reading: Chapter 5 Part 2 of Assata an Autobiography

Misty Rages Against The War Machine

Misty is BACK