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Reading: Chapter 7 Part 3 of Laziness Does Not Exist

Reading Chapter 2 Part 1 Of Water And The Spirit

Housing Hero BATTLES Against Landlords!

"Class IS an Identity", Sabby Sabs Joins

Sabby Sabs Joins! BATTLE Against Landlords!

Boomers in DANGER Economically

"[The US] Is Pushing a World War they CAN NOT Win", Fiorella Isabel Joins

Fiorella Isabel Joins!, Boomers Going BACK to Work in RECORD Numbers

Reading: Chapter 3 Part 2 of The Will To Change

Medical Racism: How it Affects Patients

Apple SUED by DOJ!

US Justice Department Goes After APPLE?!, Medical Racism Affecting Transplant Patients!

Keeping You BROKE: Dollar Dollar Stores Y'all

LIVE Reading: Chapter 7 Part 2 of Laziness Does Not Exist

"The time has never been as urgent... to stand up and fight together", Dr Jill Stein Joins

Syrian Resistance Film EVENT, Write Brain Studios & REAL Orlando Joins!

The REAL Reason Why They Want to BAN TikTok, GameDotFilm Joins

How Private Equity is the ENEMY of the People!, GameDotFilm Joins

Why Private Equity is Your ENEMY!, Is TikTok The Problem?, GameDotFilm Joins

FL Politicians Vote for LESS Heat Breaks!

Hollywood BLOCKED!

OSCARS Blocked!, Less Heat Breaks for FL Workers?

He Impacted Our Childhood!

LIVE Reading Chapter 1 Part 3 Of Water And The Spirit

Ryan Grim "[our economy] is headed in the right direction", Valerie Joins!

Biden Got 99 PROBLEMS And Gaza IS 1, Akira Toriyama: A LEGEND Passes On, Valerie Joins

Reading: Chapter 3 Part 1 of The Will To Change

State Of The Union 2024: LIVE

Haitians to Ariel Henry & Gangs: GET OUT!

Haitian Gangs OPPOSE Ariel Henry, Jaybefaunt Q & A

Why Americans SHOULD Support Reparations?

Orange County Cares More About Animals Than Humans!

Ireland PUSHING Sanctions?

"He’s always trying to think about how we can actually achieve liberation"

RIP Aaron Bushnell, Ireland Aiming to SANCTION Israel?, OC Cares More For PETS Than YOU!

Hemp Batteries and Elon Musk, Joey Peltier Joins

Reading: Chapter 7 Part 1 of Laziness Does Not Exist

You NEED to Know Who Henrietta Lacks Is! Here's Why...

CLOSE the US Embassy?

Congo CAN Be Helped by Hemp! How?, Joey Peltier Joins

Reading Chapter 1 Part 2 Of Water And The Spirit

How HEMP Many Uses Can LIBERATE Us!, Joey Peltier Joins

Joey Peltier Joins, Latest on Henrietta Lacks Case, Julius Malema Calls Out US

Serving YOUR Community! How YOU Can Help?

Reading: Chapter 2 of The Will To Change

Why Dialysis is BIG Business!

Reading: Chapter 6 Part 3 of Laziness Does Not Exist

Connecticut FORGIVES Medical Debt?!


How REAL Orlando Farms FOR the People!

CNN Under FIRE from Staff!, Highlights from REAL Farm, Dialysis Corp Make Big $$$, Good News from CT

LGBTQ+ Summit Panel

How Slavery Touches YOUR LIFE Today!

Florida GOP Attempts to WEAKEN Voter Power!

Florida GOP THREATENS Direct Democracy!, How Modern Slavery Affects YOU!

Why We SHOULDN'T Rush to Celebrate

When Waving White Flags DON'T WORK

War CRIMES in Safe Zones!, The ICJ Ruling: Real Power or Symbolic Gesture?

LIVE: Reading Introduction & Chapter 1 Part 1 Of Water And The Spirit

HB 187 Bill PUSHED in Florida

Ron DeSantis "I'm suspending my campaign"

Florida Man ENDS Presidential Bid!, Florida's Anti-Semitism Bill?

GOP to Allow Teens to Work CONSTRUCTION in Florida?!, Eddie Liger Smith Joins

David Pakman "We're doing way better than we were", Eddie Liger Smith Joins


David Pakman's RIDICULOUSNESS, Eddie Liger Smith Joins

Reading: Chapter 1 Part 2 of The Will To Change

Reading: Chapter 6 Part 2 of Laziness Does Not Exist

Are Black-Owned Banks the ANSWER?

Rail Workers Propose BRIGHT Idea!

RWU Propose BRIGHT Idea!, Would Black-Owned Banks HELP Us?, Florida GOP Try to UNDERCUT Workers!


Mehdi Hasan: Left by Choice or FORCED Out?

Hamer "Parramore is CONSISTENTLY Sidelined by Orlando"

Elon Musk is AGAINST the NLRB... Why?

Can't Be Fired for Inhaling?

Elon Musk vs LABOR, Mehdi Hasan LEFT?!, Lighting Up Off the Clock LEGAL?, NYC Bridges PROTEST

You NEED to Get Comfortable with Equity

LIVE Reading: Preface & Chapter 1 Part 1 of The Will To Change

Reading: Chapter 6 Part 1 of Laziness Does Not Exist

Law Enforcement [REDACTED] the Most in 2023!

Cold Hard Cash Here to STAY in Florida?

Going Cashless in Florida BANNED?, This Law Enforcement Metric May SHOCK You

Reading: Chapter 5 Part 3 of Laziness Does Not Exist